There’s no better way to begin your Christmas night out than to join us at one of Galway’s most popular bars, The Front Door Pub, for Festive Cocktails.

We have launched our new Christmas Cocktail ‘Gingerbread Sour’ and it is simply delicious, if we do say so ourselves! Made up of: Portobello Road Gin , Fresh Lemon Juice, Gingerbread Syrup, Egg White, Dash of Orange Bitters and Garnished with Fresh Ginger. It’s a definite must-have over the holidays and the perfect way to treat yourself.

The combination of Gin and Gingerbread dates back from the 17th Century in the Frost Markets when you used to get a hot Gin tipple with every Ginger biscuit, so we decided to do a modern take on one of the oldest food and drink pairings in the world.